Solar Services

Based in Las Vegas Nevada, we are committed to providing exceptional quality utility scale solar panel cleaning using only the latest and top of the line solar panel cleaning equipment. Our trained technicians are thorough and experienced. Cleaning with the best machines available allows us to maximize profits for the solar farmWe offer machine cleaning that is professional, reliable, safe, and fast. At the same time, we guarantee first-class quality and safety with our panel cleaning services.

Dirty solar panels can cost solar farms lost profits if they are not cleaned regularly. In just a few months solar panels can lose 10% of their productivity costing utility scale solar farms millions in lost profits. By cleaning the solar panels regularly, you can make sure the panels are operating at peak efficiency while prolonging the working life of the panels at the same time.

Solar panels are exposed daily to sand, dust, pollen, and pollution. In extreme cases soiled solar panels can lose up to 25% of their efficiency. On average the loss varies between 5% to 15%. Our machines ensure perfect even cleaning and will increase performance for 12 months. All our cleaning equipment and products are highly environmentally friendly as well as safe for all the solar farm equipment.

Equipment and Services

We only use the top-of-the-line equipment to provide the best cleaning possible in the shortest amount of time. The Sunbrush has been approved by First Solar, Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, and JA Solar panel manufacturers for cleaning their panels. The Sunbrush, coupled with the Multihog tractor, is the best combination for cleaning solar farms.

The Sunbrush consists of rotating bristles that will not scratch or harm the panels. The Sunbrush comes in sizes from 10 to 25 feet, and can handle all array configurations. The 10-foot Sunbrush comes with 14 nozzles 7 that wash and 7 that rinse the panels with softened water.

The Sunbrush has a washtronic float system. Their patented nitrogen accumulator float system offers constant yet limited and controlled pressure between the brush and panels, regardless of ground contours. Built as standard on every Sunbrush we can guarantee a consistent, even, clean with no damage.

The brush puts less than 50 pounds of pressure on the panel which is spread out across the entire panel. This is much less than the pressure put on panels by other competitors.

The multihog has a comfortable air-conditioned cab with excellent visibility. It has articulated steering, a wide wheelbase, 300 gallons of water and LED light package to run at night.