Spectrum Home Services of Las Vegas

Chris Spahr
4079 N. Rancho Dr.
Ste. 195
Las Vegas, NV 89130
Phone: (702) 214-7928
Fax: (702) 214-7929
My wife and I chose the Spectrum Home Services Franchise due to the fact that we saw a great need for quality in home care at an affordable price. There are a tremendous amount of home owners in the Las Vegas area that are retired and are in need of one or all of the many services that Spectrum is able to provide. Our clients have worked hard all their lives to purchase a home and deserve to live comfortably in a clean safe environment for as long as possible. We at Spectrum can provide all the services that you will need to accomplish this goal. Our services include the following.

Personal Care

We provide caregivers in your home to take care of yourself or a loved one. The caregivers perform many duties such bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation, housekeeping, incontinence services, mediation reminders, and errands. We are also a Medicaid Provider.

Home Cleaning

General cleaning, deep cleaning, carpets, windows, laundry and dishes.

Yard Services

Mowing, edging and landscaping


Repairs, remodels, electrical, plumbing, maintenance, installation of grab bars and wheelchair ramps.


Sort, pack, & unpack. Disperse items to family, friends, or goodwill.  Deep cleaning & maintenance repairs.

Here at Spectrum we provide all of these services so you only have to make one phone call and pay only one bill. One call resolves it all! Spectrum is much different than other home care companies. Many of our clients have personal care on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Then they schedule their housekeeping on Tuesday and the lawn care on Thursday. This way they have someone checking in on them five days a week. Many of our clients have sons and daughters that live 2,000 miles away or more. These family members have peace of mind that their loved ones are well taken care of. No job is too big or too small for us. This is why we also offer live in caregivers for clients that require round the clock care. Spectrum will make sure you live in a clean safe environment in order to avoid any accidents. Every clients needs are different. We meet with each client and do a free assessment. Then we recommend services according to the level of care the client needs. We have services for all seasons of life!

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