Why Spectrum?

By providing a complete package of home services including, yard care, handyman, relocation, homemaking and senior services, Spectrum Home Services has filled a niche historically ignored by traditional home service companies.

5 Reasons Why Franchise with Spectrum:

  1. We offer a unique service package. Time is precious and busy homeowners and families need more of it!  Spectrum Home Services offers homeowner’s the services necessary to have more time for the things in life that are important.  Spectrum’s “One Call Resolves It All” package of services eliminates the hassle homeowners face when ordering multiple home services. Spectrum Home Services is the only company able to provide all services to active seniors, now!
  2. The service industry is booming. America’s population is aging and the greatest demographic shift in American history is happening now!  Nearly 75% of the Baby Boomers own homes and they are use to purchasing services for their home.  Because of current and future medical advancements, Baby-boomers and seniors in general are going to be more active later into life. This demographic group will be purchasing services that will allow them to maintain that active lifestyle throughout their retirement years.  A Spectrum Home Services franchise will allow you to take advantage of this booming market and build a senior client base now giving you a 20-25 year head start on the competition that focuses on just homebound and more frail seniors.
  3. We provide endless support. We understand that starting and running your own business is a big step and takes a lot of time and effort—we’ve been there! That’s the advantage of owning a Spectrum Home Services franchise. We provide the framework and endless support to assist our franchisees in attaining the success the desire in owning their own business.
  4. Work with a reputable company.  As the owner of a Spectrum Home Services franchise you have the advantage of operating under an established, trusted name. You will learn the ropes from professionals who have already been through the trial and error process. Becoming a part of the Spectrum Home Services family places you in the enviable position of being a business owner while allowing to you avoid as many of the costly mistakes associated with start-up enterprises.
  5. Extensive training. Franchisees also received extensive support and training from the corporate office. Our commitment to your success is unmatched in the industry. However, unlike other companies in our industry that make this same claim, we put our money where our mouth is!  No one has a more extensive start up training program than Spectrum Home Service. Our training programs include:
  • Pre-training: From the very beginning we assign you a Pre-Training Coach who will walk you through our extensive 4 week pre-training process.  During the pre-training process we will help you set up your business and get all the necessary items in place before you come to corporate training so that when you come home from your training in Salt Lake you are open and providing services.
  • Corporate training: We provide all new franchisees with an extensive 50 hours of training at our corporate offices in Salt Lake City that covers everything you will need to know to run your new business.
  • Steps to Success Training Program: In conjunction with the 6-day training you receive at our corporate headquarters, we provide you with our exclusive 12 week “Steps to Success Training Program”.  The Steps to Success Training program is a day by day training program that outlines what you will need to be doing to make your new business a success.  We also go one step further and assign you a business coach. The Business Coach will assist you as you progress through the 12 week program. The business coach will also make two trips to your territory during the Steps to Success program to help guide you through the start up process.
  • Spectrum University: Once franchisees complete the Steps to Success Training Program we offer continuing support and training through our Spectrum University Program.  Enrollment in the Spectrum University Program is free to all franchisees and is encouraged to help you stay competitive in an ever changing market.

Should you need any additional support, we are only a phone call away! The support we offer is endless and completely dependent on your needs.  GET STARTED TODAY!