4 Tips for Growing a Green Lawn

Do you have an ugly lawn with lots of weeds and patches of dead grass?  Want to impress everyone on your street by growing the greenest, healthiest looking lawn in the neighborhood?  If your answer to either question is “yes,” then you will want to follow these tips on proper lawn care.

Remember, getting the green lawn you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be an expensive procedure, nor will it require hours of yard work every day.  It can often be as simple as making sure that you’re using the right yard care materials.  Here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re treating your lawn right:

  1. Choose the right kind of grass.  Different grasses thrive in different regions of the US, depending on the climate.  Talk to a local lawn care specialist for advice on the best grasses to use in your area.
  2. Keep your lawn fertilized.  Lawn fertilizers are an often overlooked aspect of keeping a green and healthy lawn.  You don’t need to fertilize too often, but it is important to do it at least a few times a year—and remember, not all fertilizers are created equal (different kinds work better depending on your soil type.)
  3. Control weeds.  Nothing can ruin the look of a lawn faster and more completely than an outbreak of weeds.  Use both preventative care (many fertilizers have built-in weed prevention properties) and weed killer to control weeds before they take over.
  4. Water appropriately, and at the right times.  Too much water can be just as bad for your lawn as too little.  Additionally, watering during the day can be ineffective and even harmful, particularly in areas where water supplies are low.

If you have any more questions about lawn maintenance, or if you want to avoid the stress of lawn care by hiring someone to help take care of it for you, talk to Utah lawn care professionals.