8 Ways to Prevent Falls Around the House

A senior sustains a fall-related injury somewhere in the U.S. every 20-30 minutes. Each year, one third of seniors will fall. The majority of accidents occur around the house. All of these statistics point to one thing: we must be conscious and careful about the dangers of falling. There are a few simple techniques that you can use around the house to prevent a fall:

  1. In the winter, carry a small bag of rock salt with you. If a driveway or sidewalk looks slippery, throw down a little salt before walking over it.
  2. Clear your driveway, porch, deck, and walkways of all clutter and paint your porch with gritty, all-weather paint for extra traction.
  3. Keep your hands free: carry a backpack or shoulder bag when you need to take belongings on the go.
  4. If you’ll be returning home after dark, turn on an outside light before you leave so it will be on when you get back. If you can, install a motion-detecting flood light for extra convenience.
  5. Lose the throw rugs. Make sure all carpets either are tacked down or have skid-proof backing.
  6. Place non-skid mats on the floor in the kitchen by the stove, sink, and anywhere else that you may stand for long periods.
  7. Mark the top and bottom steps on your stairs with brightly-colored tape.
  8. Take it easy. Avoid heavy lifting and strain by letting the handyman and home services experts at Spectrum take care of raking the leaves, shoveling the snow, repairs, and even food preparation and grocery shopping!

With just a little care and preparation, you can significantly reduce your chances of falling around the house and save yourself both time and worry!