“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you did in my yard. The gentleman who came out was very personable and he did a really terrific job… My yard has never looked better! I would certainly recommend you to anybody and will use your services again myself whenever I am able. Also, the price was very reasonable.”

Hazel, Ohio

“I appreciate the thorough deep clean of our home. We have not had a company pay as much attention to detail as your cleaning team did.

Unknown, New England

“After substantial experience with most of the services that Spectrum provides, I am most happy to report that in my experience Spectrum takes care to do what I want done, the way I want it done. Spectrum staff does excellent work, does it right the first time, does not need monitoring or supervision, and the cost is most reasonable.”

Wayne, Alabama

“I could not ask for better, more reliable service. Having Spectrum’s service has removed so much stress from my life. I look forward to their visit as they are all so kind and friendly.’

Louise, Georgia

“I have been very happy with Spectrum’s services and would be glad to highly recommend them to others.”

Lori, Georgia

“We’re very pleased with the Spectrum Home Services. It is especially nice to come home to find that something special has been done like the top of the cabinets or the metal polished. We appreciate the care and pride which Spectrum provides in their services.”

Robert & Lorijo, Georgia

What a great find you were! We recently bought a town home for our son in Fort Collins and it needed “some work”. Our realtor recommended another remodeling company whose bid came in on what I termed “the gag factor”.

I went back to my realtor and he too was so surprised at the outrageous bid. He then gave me your name and number and to my relief you were everything I was looking for …..and more!

Your work ethics, professionalism and abilities are outstanding. You were honest as to what you could and could not do and made recommendations that were reasonable and appropriate. My son’s town home looks awesome thanks to you. It turned out better than what we had hoped and within our budget.

I have called my realtor and expressed to him what an outstanding job you did for me and encouraged him to recommend you every chance he gets. As a last note, I want to thank you for how well you communicated to me and put everything in writing. There was never any doubt as to what was agreed upon and we talked every step of the way. I can’t thank you enough for making me so comfortable during this process.

Christine Tedesco

Dear Georgianna:

Rodger’s assistance, in transferring furnishings from Peterson Meadows to mom’s suite in Peterson/sheltered care, went wonderfully. He & his partner were truly efficient & capable. In addition, Rodger’s personal concern,sense of humor, & calming influence helped greatly on what was an extremely difficult day for our family.

With sincere thanks.

Chicago, IL

What a difference a few weeks make! Our yard is looking so much better already. We don’t know what would have happened if Margie hadn’t run into you. What a wealth of information and experience you bring to your work. Thanks for setting us on the right path to understanding what lawn care is all about.

Thanks, too, for being such a hard worker. Your determination to complete the task at hand to the best of your ability is very admirable and speaks so well of your integrity.

And we appreciate your amiability and you keen sense of humor. It’s a pleasure to have you around and we look forward to a more comfortable and attractive home as the months go by.

Matt and Margie Gavin

To the Team at Spectrum Home Services,

Thanks so much for the wonderful rush job! The surprise was FANTASTIC!

Thank you,
The Nickles

Dear Tony and Spectrum Staff,

I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to you for putting the ramp up for our nurse Juvon. This gesture allowed Juvon to be able to take her husband outside during his last days. It also made it so much easier for the mortuary when he passed away.

It’s indeed a pleasure to work with companies like yours that exhibit compassion beyond the day to day business.

Thank you,
Debra Mayo

Dear Friends at Spectrum Home Services:

There are no words to describe how much we appreciate your services in organizing and dispersing our parents’ belongings after their deaths. With our living and working in other states, the need to clean out the house and get it ready to rent felt more and more burdensome and impossible to achieve.

And then we discovered your service-added company.

The way in which you met our needs with sensitivity and professionalism made the process not only more bearable but actually pleasant. You organized all of the furniture, pictures, kitchen items, items in closets, large numbers of books and collectibles, even going through hundreds of magazines and years of saved paperwork. We knew where every important item was located as it came out of the house. Also, your handling donations and dispensing with items that did not need to be kept was so valuable. It would have taken us months to do what you were able to accomplish in two days.

We are now free to move on with our lives. Thank you so much for making this possible!

The Pendergrast Family

Service Magic Rated Number One